In the 80s and 90s, when the Automotive Industry was taking shape in India, a huge opportunity arose. The opportunity of being a potential leader in the Automotive Lighting and Allied Automotive components industry. Lumax took firm hold of this opportunity and turned it into a reality lived every day by its 12,000-strong workforce, working across 38 modern manufacturing locations across India. This manufacturing strength is backed by 3 Research Centers, 1 Engineering Centre in India and 2 design centres in Taiwan and Czech Republic. The Lumax Group has a turnover of over INR 6,800 Crore FY22-23, and diligently empowers the assembly lines of almost all Top Automotive OEM brands. Lumax is also improving its international footprint with real intent and is accomplishing all this with the timeless values of integrity, humility, passion, excellence, and respect for sheer hard work. The rich legacy notwithstanding the fact that Lumax is still young at heart and ever evolving, and it believes that success has just begun to unravel!