Shreeji Autotech LLP


Shreeji Autotech LLP  is Authorised Spares Parts Distributor for TVS Motor Company in Kolkata, operating on a hub and spoke model to serve  TVS Vehicle Dealers , Authorised Service Centre  and Aftermarket  retail partners.

Several key factors have contributed to Shreej Autotech LLP success as a leading distribution house:

Efficient Systems and Processes : Implementation of robust systems and streamlined processes ensures smooth operations and effective distribution.

Professional Approach : A focus on professionalism in dealings, customer service, and business practices has earned trust and loyalty from clients.

B2B Focus : Specialization in B2B strategies and operations has allowed Shreeji Autotech to cater effectively to the specific needs of business clients.

Customer Satisfaction : Prioritizing customer satisfaction through quality products, reliable services, and responsive support has led to repeat business and positive referrals.

Industry Experience : 25 Years of experience in the automobile distribution sector have provided insights, expertise, and a strong network within the region.

Innovation and Adaptability : Embracing innovation and adapting to market trends and changing customer demands have enabled Shreeji Autotech to stay competitive and relevant.

Together, these factors have propelled Shreeji Autotech LLP to becoming a leading distribution house in the eastern region.



TVS Motor Company – The third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India


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